“proteus Premix”- E.C.A.’s New Compact And Cost Effective Smart Combi Boiler.

E.C.A. continues to introduce its consumers with its new products and technologies via its new smart combi boiler Proteus Premix.Proteus Premix combi boiler enables to adjust house temperature utilizing cell phones or computers, and ensures up to 30% savings in natural gas consumption by this feature. In addition, it takes very small space due to its compact size.


Being active in the sector of heating systems for more than 30 years, E.C.A. present Proteus Premix, the new tam condensing premix combi boiler to its customers’ appreciation. Proteus Premix combi boiler offers consumers the chance of monitoring house temperature as well as of knowing when and how long a combi boiler operates by utilization of E.C.A. Smart Room Thermostat. Equipped with the feature of operating rather quietly, Proteus Premix combi boiler may provide a much efficient and cozier service, when wished, under ECO and COMFORT modes depending on consumer preference as well as being controlled via a cell phone.


Proteus Premix combi boiler, being produced complying with the energy regulations, hosts the cutting-edge technologies. Proteus Premix features its difference with facility of water intake with feed forward and turbine system at a fixed temperature with tap water supply, high burning efficiency via stainless steel burner, lower exhaust gas emission, and lower energy consumption by means of 3-step circulation pump. Furthermore, having an advanced parameter menu, E.C.A. Proteus Premix combi boiler informs users of its periodical maintenance times through the maintenance reminder mode besides providing its users with ease of use. Designed suitable for horizontal and vertical use with its concentric flue types of Ø60/100 and Ø80/125 without needing any additional equipment, Proteus Premix combi boiler enables applications up to 10 meters horizontally and 20 meters vertically. Environmental friendly with its low emission rates, Proteus Premix gives confidence to its users with its 17 different outstanding safety systems. Ensuring ease of service and maintenance, Proteus Premix combi boiler is distinguished as a product appealing to eyes with its design, small dimensions, classy appearance, and ergonomically designed control panel.